Medihands is your global healthcare supplier
for protection, diagnostics, treatment and nutrition.

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Medihands is your global healthcare supplier for protection, diagnostics, treatment and nutrition, based in Switzerland.

By partnering with leading factories around the world we manufacture our own branded products to the highest standards. We coordinate for our clients all logistics and freight forwarding solutions to ensure a smooth end to end supply chain.

Swiss Quality standards are at the core of all our operations.

Swiss Quality


By supplying Rapid Antigen Tests, Face Masks, Gloves and Protective Clothing,
we make our contribution to the worldwide treatment and prevention needs.



The first line of defense for care workers and the front line in the battle against infection is high quality protection equipment. This includes Protective Isolation Gowns and Suits, Gloves, Masks, Face Shields, Protective Eyewear and Antibacterial Wipes.

    • Medihands has a full range of medical examination gloves from ultra thin high sensitivity to long cuff and Chemo grade Nitrile, Sterile Latex and Vinyl for food services.
    • Our hallmark is our Swiss reputation for quality and cost efficiency.
    • Our high-volume, high-quality production partners are the best in the world in reliable delivery with full recourse and traceable production and quality controls.
    • Production is one thing but delivery to customers anywhere in the world requires good planning, logistics management and allocation of capacity from shipping to air cargo and rail and trucking.
    • Our Swiss reputation for quality products means multiple quality checks at every stage in the supply chain delivery to customers.Our Gloves


Early detection of infection is a key responsibility to prevent patient deterioration quickly and effectively. Temperature assessment, Pulse Oximeter oxygen absorption, Rapid Testing of Antibody and Antigens are all primary defenses which can be put in place. Medihands is focused on delivering the best-in-class products to provide early detection.


Immune Boosters, Syringes with Safely Needles for Vaccines and Injectables. There is a lot of evidence to support the role of a strong immune system and in particular the body’s capability to fight infection. It is well known that supplemental intakes of very important minerals like Zinc and Magnesium as well as Quercetin, Vitamin D and C are very important to sustain the fight against infections. Medihands works with leading German and Swiss companies to provide the highest quality products in capsule, granule, powder and effervescent form to rapidly assimilate into the system.


Millions of people are suffering from starvation and acute malnutrition. In today’s world this should simply not be allowed to happen. Innovation in this segment of the food industry has been lagging and new and better therapeutics is long overdue. Medihands is investing and working with partners to develop the best quality, low cost and highly nutritious affordable foods that are ready to eat and offer balanced nutrition. The target is to save the lives of those who are the least fortunate and could be political refugees, victims of war, climate change and natural disasters.

Medimeal Nutrition Bars, Powders and Drinkable easy to digest pre made meals.

  • Governments, NGO’s, United Nations agencies, AID organizations, Charities and Foundations around the world benefit from the products and services of Medihands.

Emergency food

Emergency food suitable for use in relief operations during natural or man-made disasters throughout the world. Our Ready-to-Use Foods contain all nutrients necessary to restore and maintain body functions. Our products are also used as nutrition and energy supplements to armed forces, expeditions and adventures.

Infant Formula

High quality fully approved Milk Powder for Infant and Elderly Formulas that contain the safest most proven ingredients for young babies and elderly patients who require safe, highly nutritious supplemental and balanced meals. Milk powder is delivered in bulk ready to package or packed in our packaging plants in Germany for our customers.

To be recognized as the best service provider of unmet needs, thanks to our unrivalled expertise, innovative mindset and responsible entrepreneurship spirit, while returning value to our stakeholders.

We understand the challenging environments that our customers face and we have proven supply and distribution solutions to those complex issues. We have the geographical infrastructure and the expertise to meet your product access needs.

  • Customer Centricity
  • Sourcing Excellence
  • Responsibility
  • People


We support our Swiss operations with regional hubs, that allow us to serve our customers in the most efficient way.
As a result, we can offer quick access to cost-effective, high-quality medical supplies from our partners for a wide range of health care products.

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