KN95 Black Particle Filtering Half Mask KF-A F06 (SC)

Type: 5 Ply, Ear Loop, Hidden bridge crossbar
Level: KN95
PFE: ≥95%
Material: 3 non-woven layers, 2 melt-blown inner layers
Packaging: 50 pcs, OEM available
Shelf-life: 3 years
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KINGFA KN95 Particle Filtering Half Mask is used for daily civilian use, which helps to minimize inhalation exposures to certain airborne biological particles. It can be used for the respiratory protection of certain non-oily particles, such as grinding, wheel grinding, sandpaper grinding, sawing, cleaning and processing minerals, flour, wood, pollen, other materials and process producing non-oily particles.


●Made of 5 layer material. Filters at least 95% of particles.

●Premium materials ensure mask will not lint or tear.

●Specially designed inner facing improves comfort.

●Skin friendly, odorless, fiber-glass free and latex-free.

●Soft elastic ear loop design can help to fit different human faces

●The adjustable nose bridge clip provides a secure fit for better protection.

●Thin & light multi-layer design reducing respiratory resistance.


Quality Standards:

●Standard: KN95, GB 2626-2019

●Product Classification: FDA Registered, QKR



Upgraded material for better protection. KINGFA KN95 face masks are made of 5 layers with 2 non-woven outer layers as well as 2 melt-blown inner layers and a non-woven middle layer to absorb small moisture particles.


Technical Specifications

●Particulate Filtration Efficiency (PFE): ≥ 95%

●Respiratory resistance (Expiratory resistance): ≤ 210 Pa

●Respiratory resistance (Inspiratory resistance): ≤ 210 Pa

●Dead space:≤  1%

●Vision(View below):≥ 36°

●Vision(Binocular vision):≥ 65%

●Flammability: ≤ 5S

●Total inward leakage(TIL):TIL<11% for at least 46 exercises in 50 exercise, and TIL<8% for at least 8 of 10 subjects.

Standard Packaging

●Exterior Design

50 pcs / box

Size: 180mm*135mm*120mm


●Carton Design

36 box/carton(1800pcs/carton)

Size: 565mm*420mm*500mm


●Container Loading

20 GP: 220 cartons (396,000 units)

40 GP: 480 cartons (864,000 units)

40 HQ: 576 cartons (1,036,800 units)


Manufacturing Accreditations

●ISO 9001 Quality Management System

●ISO 13485 Quality Management System

●QSR820 FDA Quality System Requirements


OEM Services

●Product design and development

●Flexible & timely manufacture

●Quality control and regulatory compliance

●Cost effective with product assurance

●Packaging & shipment

●Technical support