Cotton Ultra-Soft Towel KDT-B

Ingredient: 100% Plant Fiber
Cloth Size 200mm*200mm
Standard: GB 15979-2002
Features: Wet-dry dual use; Super thick; Fragrance-free
Packaging: 60 pcs/bag, 60 bag/carton, OEM avaliable
Shelf-life: 3 years






KINGFA Soft Towel is suitable for baby care and personal cleaning care such as makeup removal, face washing, wet compress, surface cleaning, etc. The product is made of high quality natural plant fiber, processed with strict manufacturing techniques, doesn’t contain chemical components such as fluorescent agent, harmful elements (Cr/As/Cd/Sb/Hg/Pb) and fragrance-free.



● Made of 100% non-woven fabric with plant-based natural fiber

● Skin-friendly and non-allergenic

● Comforts your face and protects your hands

● Provides unbeatable softness with dependable strength

● Excellent for hotels, spas, or home use

● Dry and wet dual use, ideal for daily use

● Strong pull strength, high water absorbency



● Standard: GB 15979-2002

● Material: 100% Plant fiber (75g/m2), Pearl Shape

● Tissue size: 200 mm * 200 mm

● Shelf life: 3 years


● PH(25℃): 6.4

● Appearance Quality: No losses fiber and particle

● Coliforms: Not detected

● Mobility Fluorescence Content: Not detected

● Staphylococcus Aureus: Not detected

● Staphylococcus Hemolytic: Not detected

● Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Not detected


Standard Packaging

● Exterior Design: 60 pcs/bag, 105*205*65mm ,Gross Weight 190g±10g

● Carton Design : 60 bags/carton, 635*415*325mm, Gross Weight: 12000g±500g

● Container Loading:

20GP: 250 cartons

40GP: 540 cartons

40HQ: 650 cartons



Manufacturing Accreditations

●ISO 9001 Quality Management System

●ISO 13485 Quality Management System

●QSR820 FDA Quality System Requirements

OEM Services

●Product design and development

●Flexible & timely manufacture

●Quality control and regulatory compliance

●Cost effective with product assurance

●Packaging & shipment

●Technical support